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Norsonic 140 Noise Nuisance Recorder

Product Code: 140NNR

The versatile and original noise nuisance recorder that gives you all the functionality you need for noise nuisance investigations.

The number one system for Noise Nuisance recording and measurement. For years local councils and housing associations have trusted the Norsonic 140NNR to give a compact, discreet and easy to use solution to recording noise nuisance problems in homes and dwellings.

Norsonic are one of the world's leading manufacturers of precision instruments for sound measurements. Trusted by Local Authorities and Housing Associations across the whole of the UK.

Highest quality instrumentation with 3 year warranty. Certified class one, high accuracy measurement systems.

  • Simple 3 button setup
  • Full fidelity audio uncompressed audio recordings
  • SD memory card for fast transfer of data to a PC
  • Tough case inside rucksack for discreet deployment of equipment

Precision integrating sound level meter to IEC 61672 class 1

Handheld real-time 1/1- or 1/3-octave frequency analyser (0,4Hz-20kHz)

Measurement of A-weighted levels simultaneously with either C- or Z-weighted levels

Parallel detection of SPL, Leq, Lmin, Lmax, L E and Lpeak

120dB dynamic range giving a “one-range” instrument

Measures Lpeak levels up to 140dB

Parallel detection of F, S and I time constants

USB 2.0 and High-speed RS-232 serial interface (115 kbaud)

SD memory card and large high speed internal memory

Sound recording in 8, 16 or 24 bit format with 12 or 48kHz sampling

Up to 90 sec high, contrast, graphical audio recording pre-trigger

High-resolution graphical backlit display

Manual or automatic storage of results

Automatically repeated measurements with clock synchronization

Pause/Continue function with back erase feature

Results displayed as dB or linear values

Numerical printouts

AC output signal

Signal generator

Windscreen correction

Noise floor correction

Support for IEPE sensors

NC, NR and RC rating

Multiple language selection

Moving Leq

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