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Norsonic 131/132 Sound Level Meter

Product Code: NOR131/2

Easy to use robust sound level meters. The Nor-131 is a type one with a detachable microphone. The Nor-132 is a type two sound level meter.

The Nor130 Series of Sound Level Meters are designed and manufactured to the latest sound level meter standards and comprises two products. The Nor131 is a Class 1 (precision) instrument whilst the Nor132 is designed in accordance with the less accurate Class 2 requirements.

Both sound level meters offer the same features with exception of the detachable preamplifier which is only available on the Nor131 version.

  • Single measurement range
  • Extremely simple operation
  • Parallel LAeq and LCpeak
  • Real-time octaves
  • Large internal memory
  • Clock synchronized measurements
  • Single measurement range
  • USB interface
  • Allows use of microphone extension cable (Nor131 only)
  • Large back-lit display
  • Complies to IEC and ANSI standard
  • 1/1 octave (optional)
  • 1/3 octave (optional)
  • Statistical analysis (optional)
  • Level versus time (optional)
  • Speech Transmission Index (STIPA) calculation (optional)
  • Reverberation time calculation (optional)


The Nor130 series of SLM fulfil the following standards: IEC60651, IEC60804, IEC61672, IEC61260, ANSI S1.4, ANSI S1.11, and ANSI S1.43. The Nor131 instrument meets the Class1 requirements while the Nor132 instrument the Class 2 requirements.

Measured Parameters

Time weighting functions: Fast, Slow and Impulse.

Spectral weighting functions: Simultaneously measurement of A and C or Z-weighting. Additionally the 1/1 octave real time filters covering all bands from 8 Hz to 16K Hz (option 1) or 1/3-octave covering all bands from 6,3Hz to 20kHz (option 4).

Statistical calculations: 7 fixed percentiles L1%, L5%, L10%, L50%, L90%, L95%, and L99% plus one user defined value (f.ex. L0.1%). The statistical calculation is performed in real time within each frequency band if the filter option 1 is installed.

Measurement range

One range covering 120dB without any range adjustments. Self noise measured with microphone: 17dBA (25dBA for Nor132)

Maximum RMS level: 137dBA

Maximum Peak level: 140dB PeakC

Levels up to 174dB can be measured by use of a suitable 1/4” microphone.

Battery / power consumption

4 IEC LR6 (AA sized). Separate display showing battery voltage and run time on battery since last battery change. Nominal operation time on one set of batteries is >8 hours. Nominal 11-15V external DC voltage. If external supply drops below 9 volt, it switches uninterrupted to internal batteries.

Datastorage Datatransfer

5MB internal memory equals to 2.5 million values which typically holds all measured functions from up to 10,000 individual measurements.


Data transfer via USB 2.0 interface.

Analogue outputs

AC output, 100mV for full scale deflection.

Size and weight

Depth: 29 mm, Width: 74 mm

Length, excl. microphone/preamplifier: 215 mm,

Length, incl. microphone/preamplifier: 305 mm

Weight incl. batteries: 380 g

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