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Motorsport & race track noise monitoring

We have over 15 years experience in supplying sound measurement solutions for racetracks, ranging from single noise monitors to large multi channel monitoring solutions with sophisticated reporting system.

Noise emitted from racetracks often leads to complaints from nearby residents. A proactive attitude from the race track owner to control the noise and identify the noisy vehicles is important to keep track activities within noise limits and minimise disturbance of local residents. Our Motorsport noise monitoring equipment is supplied by Norsonic, a world-leading supplier of sound measuring equipment for the motorsport industry.

Combined pass by and noise monitoring system Nor1519Motorsport noise monitoring

  • Real time online noise management with sophisticated alarm function, SMS, e-mail and warning light
  • Pre triggered video system synchronized with noise data
  • Combined portable and fixed noise monitors
  • Web page solutions for multi point access to noise data
  • Easy report generation
  • Rugged and reliable

Noise data measured with any Norsonic Sound Level meter can be integrated into the same system, either on-line via GPRS modem during the event or off line after the event.

A portable version of the system is available. It is hosted in a small business suitcase and consists of a small tablet PC, a sound level meter and a video camera. It is an ideal solution for small racetracks or clubs that needs a portable system covering several venues.


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