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Environmental Noise Reporting - NorReview

Product Code: Nor1026

NorReview can quickly generate a single report or make advanced evaluations and complex project reports including calculations for BS 4142.

A flexible project oriented PC software package for presenting and post processing environmental noise data from Norsonic instrument

WIth an easy interface the NorReview package allows post processiong reporting and assesment of noise levels taken from a norsonic sound level meter. The Nor-1026 NorReview software package is designed to allow the  numerical and graphical review of level verus time profiles and global frequency spectra on environmental measurements. If you are not sure which configuration is suitable for your application please contact our sales office for advice.

  • Flexible and versatile user-interface
  • Evaluation of industrial noise
  • Evaluation of rail and road traffic noise
  • Evaluation of residential noise
  • Evaluation of multiple measurement files simultaneously
  • Direct import or file read-in from Norsonic instruments
  • Displays frequency, time-profile, FFT and AC views of the measurement data
  • Insert and edit markers to recognize noise sources
  • Replay of audio recordings with dynamic cursor and marker insert features.
  • Post processed event analysis with marker insert feature.
  • Post processed calculations on selected pre-marked sections
  • Rating calculations according to national standards.
  • Sophisticated 3D and Spectrogram views
  • New scrolling feature in graphs. Use and to scroll the graph while the cursor remains “fixed”
  • “Impulsive” calculation and marker insert in accordance with BS-4142 (2014) Standard
  • L(t) View of calculated level difference between selectable functions.

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