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Noise Nuisance Recorders

Norsonic are one of the world's leading manufacturers of precision instruments for Noise Nuisance Recorders. Trusted by Local Authorities and Housing Associations across the whole of the UK. Highest quality instrumentation with 3 year warranty.

Norsonic 145 Noise Nuisance Recorder

Lightweight, slim design - portable and easy to use noise nuisance kit.

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Norsonic 140 Noise Nuisance Recorder

The versatile and original noise nuisance recorder that gives you all the functionality you need for noise nuisance investigations.

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Norsonic 139 Noise Nuisance Recorder

New ‘lite’ noise nuisance recorder.

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CA-3055 Headphone Amplifier

The CA-3055 Headphone amplifier is ideal for day to day reviewing of Noise Nuisance Measurements. It has also been used successfully for audio playback in court cases.

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