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Calibration Services


Our calibration laboratory works on many makes and models of equipment, offering a swift turn around without compromising on accuracy. We can calibrate to UKAS standards and Traceable, offering something for everyone. Along with our convenient collection and return service you don't need to look any further for your calibration needs. 

Sound Level Meter

Options - UKAS or Traceable

Verification of sound level meters to BS EN 61672/3 or BS 7580 part 1 as appropriate. Includes a full calibration of the measurement microphone; this covers sensitivity at 250Hz, relative frequency response 100-20kHz and polarised self-capacitance. UKAS will be accredited verification with conformance statement.

- Additional Channels

- Frequency Filters

- Reverberation Time


Options - UKAS or Traceable 

       Verification of sound calibrators to BS EN IEC 60942 in half inch configuration; this provides the sound pressure level, level stability, frequency stability and distortion.

- Additional level or frequency (separate certificate supplied for each level & frequency)

- Multi level & multi-frequency calibrators - B & K 4226, GenRad 1986

Measurement Microphones

Options - UKAS or Traceable

Calibration of standardised measurement microphones; includes three independent measurements of open circuit sensitivity, three independent measurements of polarised capacitance & a relative frequency response within the range 100Hz-20Hz. Includes the update of TED's data within the set.

-Microphone sets - Includes update of TED's data

-Low frequency calibration 2-100Hz

- Low level calibration

Building Acoustics Calibration Package - UKAS

Discounted Rate

- Sound Level Meter

- Filters

- Reverberation time

- Calibrator

- Tapping Machine

Tapping Machine


Accredited verification of the impact velocity, impact rate, stability and hammer profile as per BS EN IOS140-7:1998.

Meets the requirements of UKAS LAB23 for floor tapping machine calibration. Standard service includes cleaning of the device as required before calibration.



Dodecahedron Loudspeaker

Verification of dodecahedron loudspeaker directivity in accordance with ISO 16283-1, Annex A.

Requires matched power amplifier.

Read more about the verification here.


Ear Simulator


Calibration of ear simulators to BS EN ISO 60711 or 60318 as appropriate. 



Sound Intensity Probe


Calibration of intensity probe.

Included verification of the sensitivity, frequency response and capacitance of each measurement microphone and the measurement of their relative phase response.



For single axis accelerometers providing measurement of sensitivity 80Hz or 160Hz as appropriate & a relative frequency response test at fixed frequencies over a total range of 10Hz to 5Hz (depending on accelerometer specification)


- Standard, Low or Wide Range frequency 

- Standard, Low or Wide Range Tri-axial 


Vibration Calibrators


Calibration of level, level stability, frequency, frequency stability & distortion of most types of portable single level and frequency vibration calibration units.

Demonstrates conformance to BS EN ISO 8041 Annexe A as appropriate.





Geophone tested as complete unit on our dedicated shaker.


Vibration Meter


Single channel portable vibration meter - Electrical verification of frequency and amplitude response of the instrument. Includes dynamic check of sensitivity if performed in conjunction with transducer calibration.

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