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AVA M80 Vibration Monitoring

Product Code: AVAM80

The system is designed for maximum ease-of-use even in harsh outdoor conditions. Deploy your instruments and start or stop measurements at the press of a button, now with a built in spirit level.

A system for you to monitor vibration in an easy & cost effective way, giving you all you need to manage real-time vibration data online, now with a built in spirit level.

Vibration monitoring - Simple setup with outstanding battery life

   New 4G/3G modem for quicker access to results

Measure and monitor vibration for BS5228 part 2

  Output for flashing local alarm unit

automatic reportingAutomatic reporting

SMS & Email AlertsSMS & email alerts

Battery power110v - 240v or 12v batteries (8 month battery life)

PlugnPlayPlug & play - connect power & your system is running


Reliable and secure vibration monitoring

  • Continuous measurement and operational vibration monitoring around the clock
  • Real-time measurement data - Reach your data anywhere, at any time from any device
  • Reliable field equipment that withstands a tough outdoor environment
  • Automatic alerts by e-mail and SMS

Vibration monitoring on site

The ideal vibration monitor for:

  • Ground vibration monitoring
  • Piling vibration monitoring
  • Blast vibration monitoring
  • Demolition activies monitoring
  • Enabling works monitoring

Superior project economy

  • Up to eight-months battery life (external 230V adapter can be connected when necessary)
  • Automatic measurement provides minimal manual handling
  • Remote-controlled field instruments minimise the number of trips to the measurement site
  • Simple handling of field instruments, one button-push for start/stop
  • Reading, communication and monitoring of measurement data online
  • Education and support online
  • Measures PPV - Peak Particle Velocity


  • An industry leading 8 month battery life - less site visits
  • GPRS modem enables remote control of monitors
  • Online access and analysis
  • Automatic alerts via text & email
  • Web based application - The Sonitus Cloud
  • Output for Flashing local alarm unit
  • Geophone with slim design, built in spirit level & colour coded connectors
  • Easy to use – one button to start/ stop measuring
  • Up to 160 seconds continuous waveform length with 10 seconds pre-trigger

Data Acquisition


  • Four independent user defined channels with individual filter and sensor configuration

Triggered Recording

  • Synchronized waveform recording on all active channels
  • Periodic Recording
  • Continuous recording of peak values with configurable time interval

Environment Recording

  • Periodic recording of temperature and battery voltage

Trigger Level

  • Configurable within entire vibration measurement range

Waveform Length

  • Configurable up to 60 seconds


  • Configurable up to 10 seconds

Consecutive Triggering

  • Up to three consecutive trigged events with continuous recording without dead time



  • 255 waveforms

Periodic Vibration Measurements

  • 4000 periodic measurement records (all active channels)

Triggered Vibration Measurements

  • 1000 triggered measurement records (all active channels)

Vibration Sensors

Sensor Interface

  • Analog sensor interface, 4 TNC ports


  • Automatic selftest for geophone sensor

Supported Sensors

  • Geophone (horizontal, vertical and tri-axial), 0–250mm/s (0–10mm/s RMS for comfort measurements)

  • Accelerometer, 0-40 m/s2

  • Airblast Microphone, 10-1000 Pa

Power Supply


6 x LR20 (D cells)

Battery Runtime

Up to 150 days depending on configuration, temperature and communication patterns

External Power

AC/DC adapter



10/100 Mbit, RJ45 port


Dual band 900/1800 MHz, Power Class 4 (2W)@900 MHz, Power Class 1 (1W)@1800 MHz, GPRS Class 10, Coding scheme 1 to 4, Internal antenna

User Interface

Remote configuration and data analysis using AvaNet. Simple MMI with push buttons and LED indicators

Operating Environment


-20 °C to +50 °C

Relative Humidity

10% to 90%

Air Pressure

86 kPa to 108 kPa

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