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Weather Protected Measurement Microphone kits for hire

Measurement microphones are affected by the weather, particularly to use in wet conditions. We have a number of systems that will deal with the wide range of environments found in the UK thereby securing your data and avoiding damage to the equipment. There are complete kits, for both permanent and temporary long term installations as well as protection kits that fit around the standard microphone and preamplifier provided with the sound level meters that are suitable for shorter measurement runs in exposed locations.

Kit content

  • GRAS-41AL - GRAS-40AS + 26AK

  • GRAS-AL0001 - Desiccant Unit

  • GRAS-RA0010 - Coupler

  • CA-4002 General Purpose Tripod

  • CA-CASE - Plastic transit case

This is a self contained system for use with standard sound level meters and is intended for temporary installations. Supplied with 3 metre cable and Lemo connector, includes desiccant unit (Gras-AL0001) and coupler (Gras-RA0010) for calibration with Nor-1251 or B&K 4230 acoustic calibrators and a mini-tripod for attended measurements. For unattended measurements the CA-4007 heavy duty tripod must be specified. Extension cables Nor-1408A are available in 5, 10 and 30 metre lengths

These microphone kits are suitable for use in Nor-850 multi-channel systems as well as all other suitable instruments.

NOR-1212E Electret Outdoor Microphone Kit - £9 day rate

Comprises an assembly of a GRAS or B&K class 1 (precision) electret measurement microphone, a Nor-1201 preamplifier, Nor-1212 weather protection enclosure and a Nor-1408A 5 metre extension cable. It is therefore suitable for direct connection to a wide range of precision sound level meters from Norsonic or B&K as well as those from other manufacturers that use Lemo 1B connectors. The electret microphone is well suited to applications in damp environments. To prevent problems with the polarisation voltage that may be supplied from the associated sound level meter the cable has been modified to remove this supply to the preamplifier.

The Nor-1212E microphone system is designed for temporary outdoor measurement situations using the Norsonic range of Sound Level Meters. It is supplied with an Electret type microphone and pre-wired 5 metre cable and designed for use with the CA-4007 tripod stand.

NOR-1212 Microphone weather protection system - £7 day rate

Allows the standard measurement microphone and preamplifier to be weather protected for short term environmental noise measurements. The Nor-1225 microphone with Nor-1201 or 1206 preamplifiers as fitted to Nor-116, 118 or 121 sound level meters may be used directly. If used with the Nor-131 or Nor-140 Sound Level Meters the MTG-TA202 or Nor-1284 dehumidifier must also be specified. Also requires an extension cable to be specified on the order; type Nor-1408A (5, 10 or 30 metres) for use with Nor-116, 118, 140 or 121 or type CA-4532/5M when using the Nor-131. A suitable tripod stand is the CA-4007.

Important information

  • Minimum hire period - 5 days (3 day minimum hire period for Building Acoustic kits)
  • Hire charged from day of delivery
  • Delivery by 10:30AM
  • Collection available

Indemnity Insurance is available for accidental damage and loss due to theft. Subject to the terms and conditions of both our hire agreement and indemnity insurance.

Indemnity Insurance

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