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Special Microphones

Product Code: SPECMIC

Our range of special microphones are design for specific functions for all you sound measurement needs.

Campbell Associates supply a whole range of special microphones to meet your sound measurement requirements.

40HL Low Noise Microphone

Connects directly into your Sound Level Meter for extremely low sound level measurements.

40PH/PL Array Microphone

The Array Microphone Types 40PH and 40PL are low-cost microphones for general-purpose measurements in arrays. They have a wide frequency range and provide you with a large dynamic range to 134 dB.

40SPS Surface Microphone

The Surface Microphone Type 40PS is a low-cost microphone for general purpose measurements on planar and curved surfaces. It has a wide frequency range to 20 kHz and a large dynamic range, up to around 136 dB.

40 SA/SC Probe Microphone

The Probe Microphones are specially designed for your more difficult measurement situations, for example in high temperatures or airflow. Its right-angle design makes the probe microphone particularly well suited for measurements on exhaust systems and other machinery in general.


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