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Sound Power Measurement

Product Code: SPOW850

The multichannel software Nor-850 module for sound power testing offers an intuitive and direct solution for complete measurement and reporting according to ISO standards. Supported Standards are the ISO 3741, ISO 3743-1, ISO 3743-2, ISO 3744, ISO 3745, ISO 3746, ISO 3747 and ISO 6395.

The operator can make a pre-selection of the appropriate Standard to follow, and the system is ready for use immediately after entering essential information such as size of object, etc. Supported Standards are the ISO 3741, ISO 3743-1, ISO 3743-2, ISO 3744, ISO 3745, ISO 3746, ISO 3747 and ISO 6395.

The Nor-850 is a user configurable multi-channel measuring system that is design to integrate with a PC with dedicated user-friendly application software, communication networks and system control allows the user to create the optimal multi-channel system for any task.

Commonly used in testing the sound level of products such as washing machines, vacuum cleaners and Chainsaws. The system is also used for measuring sound of earth moving construction machinery such as dozer, graders and scrapers. When all required microphone positions are measured, both for surface and background levels, the system automatically calculates the Sound Power of the product and display the resulting sound power frequency spectrum.

  • High degree of operating flexibility
  • Choose between any mix of measuring units
  • Create the optimal multichannel system for any task using LAN and USB interfaces
  • Wireless communication through Bluetooth or WLAN is also available
  • The Nor850 system offers application modules for the most efficient operation within building acoustics and general sound analysis
  • The application has opened up a new world of user friendly features
  • The Nor850 software has a sensor database containing all possible information about each customer with a complete list of measurement transducers
  • As all connected front end channels communicate digitally with the controlling PC, any kind of errors introduced by long analogue cables are avoided
  • The multichannel system Nor850 may be expanded as the needs grow

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