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Sound Level Meter Accessories

Enhance your sound measurements with these handy accessories available for sale and hire.

Campbell Associates offer a wide range of accessories for your sound level meters, ranging from extension cables to telescopic masts.

GRAS-12AA - Microphone power supply

The Power Module Type 12AA is a two-channel, battery-operated, microphone power supply, amplifier and filter unit. It has two 7-pin LEMO 1B input connectors for microphone preamplifiers as well as two BNC output sockets. Both channels have an overload indicator and a gain that can be set to -20 dB, 0 dB, +20 dB or +40 dB.

Typical applications and use

  • Building-acoustics measurements
  • Acoustic-transfer measurements
  • Sound-intensity measurements

NOR-1408 - Microphone extension cables, 7 pin Lemo

Available in 5m, 10m and 30m

NOR-4531/5 - Microphone extension cable, TNC, 5m

CA-4531/5 - Microphone extension cable, TNC, 5m

Suitable for use with Nor-13 series and nor-1212

MTG-TA202 / Nor-1284 - De-humidifier for Nor-1212 microphone enclosure

CA-4005 - Medium microphone boom and stand

CA-4007 - Heavy duty tripod

CA-4008 - 7.3 - 10m telescopic mast

Please contact our sales staff if you need additional information on the accessories available.

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