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Seismic Accelerometer kit - MMF-KS48 for hire

The MMF-KS48 vibration accelerometer is a single axis high sensitivity seismic IEPE (ICP) accelerometer with a nominal sensitivity of 1 V/g and a load mass of 165 grams. If you are not sure if this accelerometer is suitable for your application please contact our sales office for advice. It may be directly connected to the Nor-140 Analyser (See Nor-140VIB kit) or to other sound level meters using the GRAS-12AL IEPE power supply unit. For triaxial configurations the MMF-230 mounting block is available, this provides three orthogonal M8 studs for the accelerometers and a M5 thread to suit the MMF-03 stud or MMF08 magnetic base. Supplied complete with M5 allen key to allow adjustment of accelerometer orientation on the block.

Kit content

  • MMF-KS48 - Accelerometer with M8 stud

  • MMF-86 - 5m - Binder 713 to BNC connection cable

  • MMF-03 - M5 screw mount Stud

  • MMF-08 - Magnetic Mount M5 stud

  • MMF-044 - M8 to M5 doughnut thread adapter

  • CA-Cas - Transit case

  • Hire-Docs - Hire documents including calibration certificate and instruction manual

The following items are also available to enhance the measurement process, if required, these items must be specified separately when placing your order.

  • MMF-230 - Tri-axial mounting block
  • Gras-12AL - IEPE (ICP) Power supply unit. Required if using the Nor-118 / 116 or similar Sound Level Meters not having an internal IEPE supply. Not required for Nor-140 as this has an internal IEPE supply.
  • GRAS-RA0083 - Adaptor for connection to Nor-140 or Nor-850 Analysers. Lemo 1B to BNC

Important information

  • Minimum hire period - 5 days (3 day minimum hire period for Building Acoustic kits)
  • Hire charged from day of delivery
  • Delivery by 10:30AM
  • Collection available

Indemnity Insurance is available for accidental damage and loss due to theft. Subject to the terms and conditions of both our hire agreement and indemnity insurance.

Indemnity Insurance

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