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Norsonic 131/132 Sound Level Meter for hire

The Nor-131 is a Type 1 Sound Analyser and the Nor-132 is a Type 2 Sound Analyser. Both units are available in the standard sound level meter (SLM) or the real time analyser (RTA) configurations. If you are not sure which meter / configuration is suitable for your application please contact our sales office for advice.

Kit content

  • Nor-131 - Sound Level Meter (Type 1) complete with Nor-1207 preamplifier and Nor-1228 microphone

  • Or Nor-132 - Sound Level Meter (Type 2) fixed preamplifier and Nor-1229 microphone.

  • Nor-1451- 60mm windscreen

  • CA-340B - mains adaptor

  • Nor-4525 - USB data download cable

  • NOR-1020 - PC Download software

  • NOR-1333 - Carry case & User Manual

Two Versions Available

  • SLM Version Nor131 £11 or Nor132 £10 day rate - Basic Sound Level Meter configuration includes options: 02) Statistical calculations.
  • RTA Version Nor131 £18 or Nor132 £15 day rate -  Real Time Analyser configuration includes options: 01) 1/1 octave real time filter, 02) Statistical calculations, 03) Level versus time mode, 04)  1/3 octave real time filter.

A Health & Safety at Work Kit is also Available

  • Nor-131RTA £21 day rate- Type 1 analyser complete with NOR-1251 - 114dB Calibrator and  NOR-1025 - Nor-Protector software.
  • Nor-132RTA £19 day rate - Type 2 analyser complete with NOR-1251 - 114dB Calibrator and  NOR-1025 - Nor-Protector software.

The following items are also available to enhance the measurement process, if required, these items must be specified separately when placing your order.

  • NOR-1251 - 114dB Calibrator
  • NOR-1025 - Nor-Protector software
  • CA-4007 - Heavy duty tripod stand

Important information

  • Minimum hire period - 5 days (3 day minimum hire period for Building Acoustic kits)
  • Hire charged from day of delivery
  • Delivery by 10:30AM
  • Collection available

Indemnity Insurance is available for accidental damage and loss due to theft. Subject to the terms and conditions of both our hire agreement and indemnity insurance.

Indemnity Insurance

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