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Glossary of common noise definitions

20 December 2017

NOISE – Glossary Useful Common Used Sound Definitions   Standard definitions SPL: Sound Pressure Level Leq: Equivalent sound level. Average logarithmic level during a... Read more

Datakustik 2018 update

18 December 2017

Datakustik are pleased to announce the launch of Cadna 2018.  Updates for both CadnaA and CadnaR have improved the user interface, whilst updates to the modelling features include DPI... Read more

Vibration Measurements from Sheet Piling

04 December 2017

Vibration Measurements from Sheet Piling The ‘press in’ technique is a popular method of sheet piling on sensitive sites as it produces less noise and vibration that traditional dynamic systems... Read more

Introducing the M80 Vibration Monitor

21 November 2017

We are pleased to introduce the latest edition of automated vibration monitor from AVA. The M80 Vibration Monitor comes with 3G capability for faster and quicker access to alerts, giving... Read more

Code of Practice for NVD within London

10 November 2017

  Code of Practice for Noise, Vibration and Dust for Construction and Demolition sites for London Councils November 2017 When planning for and undertaking construction projects in... Read more

AVA Monitoring's Great Success

26 October 2017

AVA monitoring have recently been awarded a massive contract for vibration monitoring in Sweden. They will be providing over 400 of their automated vibration monitors to a large scale infrastructure... Read more

Peak Particle Velocity - Why do we monitor it?

10 August 2017

With increasing activities in and around our cities the importance of vibration has become a prominent feature. You might have heard of PPV, but what exactly is it and how does that affect us and our... Read more

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