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Vibration Monitoring
Day RateProductDescriptionHeavy Item

Vibration Monitoring

£35AVAM60Vibration Monitoring
£5CA-AVAEX2525m Triaxial Extension Reel
£5AVA-INS200012BGeophone Single Axis
£5AVA-MTN1020Accelerometer 100m V/g

Vibration Meters

£33Nor-140VIB/GPNOR-140 Real Time Vibration Kit
£34Nor-140VIB/SVNOR-140 Real Time Seismic Vibration Kit
£12Nor-140VIB/OPT1FFT Option for Nor-140/VIB Vibration Kits
£30Nor-133NOR-133 Three Channel Vibration Meter

Vibrock Seismograph

£25VIB-901-1V901 Seismograph with Single Channel PPV
£33VIB-901-2V901 Seismograph with twin channel PPV & VDV
£5VIB-V801-01Vibrock Alarm - 2 stage audible and visual warning device
£8Vib-V901Vibrock digital seismograph - 3 axis
Dust Monitoring
Day RateProductDescriptionHeavy Item

Dust Monitoring

£35AER-DSDust Monitoring
£1AER-DUST-FLOWDust Sentry Flow Meter
£35AER-PROFILERDust Profiler Control Unit

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