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Monitoring Noise with Audio Recording

02 January 2018

Environmental noise monitoring is often required for construction projects to enable project managers to reduce the impact of noise on neighbouring residents. Web based monitoring provides real time data to make sure noise is controlled before it becomes an issue. It is also possible to have email and SMS alerts to identify problems. 

What happens if noise limits are exceeded?

In urban areas in particular, there are many other sources of noise which add to the overall measured level. This is normally all attributed to the construction project. To assist in identifying unwanted sources of noise Sonitus systems have enabled audio recording in parallel with the sound level measurements in their noise monitors. This helps you to identify the origin of the noise.

The noise recordings are trigger based and can be configured as required for each project. The recordings are accessed directly online so you do not need to manually download any data. Simply click on the recording you want to hear for a clear playback of the audio. You can also download them from via this webpage for sharing with other interested parties. The feature is added without adding complexity to the monitoring process.

This feature has been vital on contentious and complex projects where there are multiple noise sources.




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