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Day RateProduct DescriptionHeavy Item


£1NOR-1408/5Microphone Extension cable, 7 pin Lemo, 5M
£2NOR-1408/10Microphone Extension cable, 7 pin Lemo, 10M
£4NOR-1408/30Microphone Extension cable, 7 pin Lemo, 30M
£1NOR-4531/5Microphone extension cable, TNC, 5M
£1CA-4531/5Microphone extension cable, TNC, 5M (Suitable for use with Nor-13x and Nor-1212)
£1CA-1010BNC to BNC Cable - 20 metre
£1CA-1011BNC to BNC Cable - 5 metre
£3CA-1020/118/121Download kit for 118/121
£1CA-1061BNC to LEMO input adaptor
£7CA-G3110Moxa Modem
£10CA-MIS-1457.3 metre telescopic cable
£2.50Nor-1408A/2323m Microphone Cable
£2.50Nor-1408A/2525m Microphone Cable
£5Nor1408A/50x0250m Microphone Cable c/w drum
£1Nor-1441-1530G3110 modem cable
£1Nor-4514AAC output cable for use with Nor-250/276/280
Day RateProduct DescriptionHeavy Item

Other Equipment

£14CA-6050Solar Power 12v supply kit
£5CA-1317L1Environmental Case - Lithium Battery Type
£1CA-5500Lithium Battery - 12V 22AH Rechargeable
£2CA-4005Medium microphone boom & Stand
£2CA-4007Heavy duty tripod
£10GRAS-41ALOutdoor Microphone with Tripod
£5GRAS-12AAMicrophone Power Supply
£4GRAS-12ALIEPE Power Supply
£1MTG-TA202 / NOR-1284De-humidifier for Nor-1212 microphone enclosure
£15CA-40087.3 - 10 Metre Telescopic Mast
£3CA-4008ANCSoft Soil Anchor Kit
£7CA-30505 Channel Headphone Distribution Amplifier
£2.50CA-1300Thermal Mini Printer
£2CA-1329Microphone mounting bracket
£3CA-3000CD Player and Loudspeaker System for use with Nor118 RTA
£12CA-3010CA-3010 Loudspeaker unit c/w
£4CA-5520-kitLithium Battery pack 40Ah
£2Nor1450ICP Power Supply
£5Nor-1506Nor121 Environmental case
£4Nor-264Go/NO go visual display unit
£1MMF-230Triaxial Mounting block
£2CA-EXT4WSite Splitter Box
£1GRA-AM0089Large windscreen for GRAS 41AL
£2CA-4002General purpose Tripod
£1CA-50B1Rechargeable battery for use with weather protected kits
Weather Stations
Day RateProductDescriptionHeavy Item

Weather Stations

£14CA-DAVDavis Weather Station
£22CA-6080Ultrasonic Wind Sensor Kit
£28CA-W100Dome Microphone for wind turbine - MTG-GFM920
£14DAV-VPRO02Vantage Pro2 Wireless Weather Station
Artificial Ear & Mouth
Day RateProductDescriptionHeavy Item

Artificial Ear & Mouth

£2943AAArtificial Ear
£1044AAArtificial Mouth

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