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KEMAR head & torso simulator

Product Code: 45BB

The KEMAR head and torso simulator - meets the requirements of ANSI S3.36/ASA58-2012 and IEC 60318-7:2011

The KEMAR head and torso simulator is the industry standard for hearing-aid manufacturers and research audiologists.

  • Geometry similar to a real person
  • Accurate in-situ simulation of the effects of a human head and torso in a sound field
  • Configurable with prepolarized or externally polarized microphone-preamplifier assemblies
  • 55 Shore OO, 35 Shore OO pinnae, and three different ear canal extensions are available
  • Can be mounted with ½" or ¼" pressure microphones for sound quality applications
  • Easy calibration: The pistonphone calibration can be performed from the outside
  • Standard connectors for many types of analyzers

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