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Introducing the M80 Vibration Monitor

21 November 2017

We are pleased to introduce the latest edition of automated vibration monitor from AVA.

The M80 Vibration Monitor comes with 3G capability for faster and quicker access to alerts, giving you more time to take action if required.

It has a built-in spirit level and new sleek design with fewer cables, making it even easier to deploy.

The M80 like the M60 before it, still has a remarkable battery life, with up to 8 months charge and now with a direct input for a flashing local alarm unit.

The M80 continues to report data directly to the AVAnet, giving you access to data anytime, anywhere and from any device.

The AVATrace vibration monitoring range comes with a great selection of accessories.

  • Waterproof Vertical Geophone - single axis IP67

  • Floor plate for triaxial geophone

  • Anti-theft locking clamp

  • Accelerometer 100mV/g

  • Triaxial Extension Reel

  • Single Axis Accelerometer

Find out more about the M80 here.

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