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Building Acoustics Dodecahedron Speaker

Product Code: Nor276

High power loudspeaker for use in building acoustics and sound insulation testing

The Nor276 is a high power loudspeaker with omnidirectional characteristics.

The Loudspeaker meets the requirements of:

ISO 10140-1:2010 (replaces ISO 140-3 Annex C (Laboratory measurements))
ISO 16283-1:2014 (replaces ISO 140-4 Annex A (Field measurements)
ISO 3382 Annex A (Reverberation Time measurements).

The output power level is up to 120 db re. 1pW for a pink noise signal.

The Nor276 has been designed for continuous operation for more than one hour at full power. It is designed to be used with Nor280 Power Amplifier only.

  • Conforms to ISO 140-3 Annex C standard for airborne laboratory insulation
  • Conforms to ISO 3382-2 Annex A 3.1 standard for reverberation time.
  • Conforms to DIN 52210
  • Powerful - 120 dB Lw
  • Lightweight, portable and rugged design for field use.

Physical design: Dodecahedron

Sound power output: Using the Nor280 with pink noise, and equalisation: 120 dB (Lin)

Speakers: 12×6”

Power (broadband): 200 W RMS Peak 1000 W

Impedance: 2,7Ω

Diameter: 332 mm (13”)

Weight: <9 kg (19,8 lb)

Tripod mounting rod: 1” diameter

Accessories include:

- Speakon NL4FC plug replaced by a 5m assembled cable, if ordered with Nor280

- Tripod

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